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19 May 2010 @ 12:21 am
Introduction; RE-EDITED  
Hello girls (guys), welcome to the community! I created the comm because it is getting more and more difficult to experience intellectual stimulation through debate and dissertation ever since leaving college; well at least it is for me. So I decided to set up a common space to facilitate discourse and discussion among like-minded individuals.

The comm's title is The Truth Teller's Tale. I took it from a Sharon Shinn's book by the same name. Basically it's about a category of person who is not only unable to tell lies, but also exposes them. I hope that's what we can do here. No pretentious posturing by us here, oh no! Let us not ask nor receive any quarters. What we say, we must feel. And isn't delightful to find out that we haven't thought about the issue in quite that light? That's half the fun!

The comm name came from the song of Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now. It was from this book she was reading where the protagonist was flying along the clouds and it made her think about how everything had two sides to it. 

As to what I want to achieve with the comm, it's written in the profile page. I wonder if you all will agree with me? Anyway, let's make this our first issue for the comm then! :)  But in the long term, I hope we can all add our friends to this comm. It doesn't matter whether we know each other personally or not; as long as we feel that we are amongst kindred spirits who all share the common attitude of engaging with the world and challenging personal beliefs, that's sufficient.

In addition to being a place for discourse, I would like it if we share thoughts and feelings or articles that interest us, or we are currently thinking of. Everyone is welcome to participate and should participate. Which leads me to the...

1. We all agree to disagree at the end of the day with no hard feelings. Fiery words are welcome but not personal attacks.
2. We all should make an effort to make a post/answer a post at least once/twice a month. Just take this as a GP lesson or a purely intellectual exercise if your feelings are not otherwise engaged in the subject matter at hand.

Hmm, that should be all at the moment; these are the two main ones, I think.